The Pirates of Penzance (2022)


Major-General Stanley David Danson
The Pirate King        John Simpson
Samuel (his Lieutenant)  Tony Broomfield
Frederic (the Pirate Apprentice)  Adam Davis
Ruth (A Piratical Maid of all Work)  Amanda King
Sergeant of Police Philip Spicer
General Stanley’s Daughters:
Mabel Camilla Foster Mitchell
Edith  Eleanor Riley
Kate Tanya Lerche-Lerchenborg
Roz Golbey
Pirates, Daughters & Policemen  
Wendy Costigan Charlotte Crook
Peter Crook Angela Elliott
Graham Elliot Mike Fuller
Mike Griffiths Holly Harris
Roman Hynch Frank Johnson
Chris King Susan Linsell
Tony Lock Paige Norton-Edwards
Kimberley Rowland Christine Skidmore
Lucy Smith Rod Sones
Rod Parsons Joanna Welsh

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