2016 – The Mikado

Mikado Poster (2016)

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Director – Claire Camble-Hutchins
Musical Director – Keziah Jacombs
The Mikado of Japan – Michael Griffiths
Nanki-Poo – Adam Davis
Ko-Ko – Ian Metcalfe
Pooh-Bah – Robin Lavies
Pish – Tony Broomfield
Tush – Patrick D’Ardenne
Yum-Yum – Mehreen Shah
Pitti-Sing – Camilla Foster Mitchell
Peep-Bo – Amy McIntosh
Katisha – Amanda King
Chorus of School-Girls, Nobles and Guards:
Fiona Aucott, Stephen Batten, Wendy Costigan, Linda Dry,
Roz Golbey, Chris Heaslip, Adrian Lane, Tanya Lerchenborg,
Gill Linford, Jantina Mulder, John Newth, Roy Perrins, Eleanor Riley,
David Robinson, James Rosser, Kimberley Rowland,
Christine Skidmore, Liz Sutherland, Ann Terry, Alan Wilson
and Neil Winkley

NODA Review

“…This was a very enjoyable production with a superb orchestra, excellent chorus singing and top class leading performers, largely following a traditional style with simple and very effective choreography. Thecostumes were excellent…”

Scenoneplus review excerpts from the review by Linda Kirkman

“….the company is so lucky to have several young principals who, because of their youth, make their roles seem so right. Adam Davis (Nanki-Poo), Mehreen Shah (Yum-Yum), Camilla Foster Mitchell (Pitti-Sing) and Amy McIntosh (Peep-Bo) are all utterly believable, singing and acting exceptionally well….

….Ian Metcalfe is no stranger to playing Ko-Ko either, and he comes close to stealing the show with a superb performance in which, as tradition demands, his Little List includes recent headlines including, of course, Brexit and Donald Trump. He is well complemented by Amanda King’s outstanding Katisha, and the two of them really are a match made in heaven, not least during the moving and beautifully performed Tit Willow….

….There is very strong chorus work, with simple but unusual and effective choreography, and whilst standing holding bamboo ‘frames’ to complement the main set might look easy, the men involved in this certainly had their work cut out during ‘Here’s a how-de-do’ as they ran about the stage….

….the rapturous applause from a near-capacity first-night audience showed that this beautifully costumed production has been received very well indeed, as it most certainly deserves.

See the full review here http://sceneoneplus.com/the-mikado/

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