2012 – Iolanthe

Director – Alan Spencer
Musical Director – Jean Holt
The Lord Chancellor – John Gerken
Earl of Mountararat – Robin Lavies
Earl Tolloller – Bruce Vyner
Private Willis – Mike Griffiths
Strephon – Ian Metcalfe
Phyllis – Roseanna Bowen
Queen of the Fairies – Cherrill Ashford
Iolanthe – Cathy Murray
Celia – Alice Keeping
Leila – Rachel Deacy
Fleta – Sophie Wright
Chorus of Fairies:
Wendy Costigan, Ruth Flower, Emma Joy, Mo Lawton,
Jantina Mulder, Lauren Panton, Helen Parsons, Eleanor Riley,
Kim Rowland
Society Ladies:
Gillian Blake, Roz Golbey, Thelma Heald, Marilyn Hicks, Mary Hurst, Gill Linford
Peers of the Realm:
Robert Ashford, Tony Broomfield, Daniel Clements,
Patrick D’Ardenne, Mike Griffiths, Roger Jefferies, Richard Langley,
John Newth, Dennis Osment, Roy Perrins, Brian Tuffrey,
Alan Wilson, Neil Winkley

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