2018 – HMS Pinafore & Trial by Jury

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Director & Choreographer – Claire Camble-Hutchins
Musical Director – Helen Brind

Cast (in order of appearance)

Trial by Jury HMS Pinafore
Usher James Rosser Little Buttercup Amanda King
Defendant – Edwin David Robinson Boatswain Mike Griffiths
The Learned Judge Mike Griffiths Dick Deadeye James Rosser
Counsel to the Plaintiff Fiona Aucott Ralph Rackstraw Richard Moore
Plaintiff – Angelina Eleanor Riley Captain Corcoran Bruce Vyner
 Foreman of the Jury Tony Broomfield Josephine Amy McIntosh
The Other Woman Martha Jenkins Sir Joseph Porter KCB Robin Lavies




Cousin Hebe Tanya Lerche-Lerchenborg
Boatswain’s Mate David Robinson

Gillian Blake, Claudio Bollani, Wendy Costigan, Angela Elliott, Graham Elliot, Mike Fuller, Roz Golby, Holly Harris, Amanda King, Robin Lavies, Tanya Lerche-Lerchenborg, Tony Lock, Amy McIntosh, Richard Moore, Jantina Mulder, Roy Perrins, Kimberley Rowland, Christine Skidmore, Ann Terry, Hannah Watkins


Fiona Aucott, Gillian Blake, Claudio Bollani, Tony Broomfield, Wendy Costigan, Angela Elliot, Graham Elliot, Mike Fuller, Roz Golby, Holly Harris, Martha Jenkins, Tony Lock, Jantina Mulder, Roy Perrins, Eleanor Riley, Kimberley Rowland, Christine Skidmore, Ann Terry, Hannah Watkins


Excerpts from SceneOne Plus Trial by Jury / HMS Pinafore Review

by  Steve O’Neill review   18 October 2018

“I am a renewed man and all the richer for going to see production.

It was absolutely brilliant from the first opening note to the last strident chord!

Set in front of curtains, the evening began with the rousing chorus of Trial by Jury………the stage was packed by a very sizeable chorus of very, very fine monochrome singers.  The overall effect was highly stylised both in the acting and of a black and white film with splashes of colour coming from the defendant’s new girlfriend, jilted fiancée and the Judge. I love minimalism in theatre so the use of two simple frames that became doors, dock and juror’s bench really impressed.

After 35 minutes that felt more like 10, the utter nonsense and hilarity of Trial by Jury came to an end and I was thoroughly awake, energised and eagerly awaiting HMS Pinafore……………….The director, Claire Camble-Hutchins, brought some brilliant touches to the whole production which was deftly performed and hugely funny.  She even brought bits of it (more) up to date – I loved the ‘20s flapper girls, Sir Joseph Porter’s entourage, and she even sneaked in a few very modern references to hilarious effect.………………..The cast were all fantastic, obviously having the time of their lives and the sizeable audience couldn’t help but have a great time too.

Full review link   http://sceneoneplus.com/trial-by-jury-hms-pinafore/

Excerpt from Stour and Avon Magazine Review – 26th October 2018

by Julie Adams 

“………………..Good work by Musical Director Helen Brind who coaxed singers and orchestra to make the most of Sullivan’s sublime music and plaudits to Director and Choreographer Claire Camble-Hutchins. She used her cast – and Gilbert’s witty words – imaginatively to produce a stylish, fast-paced and entertaining double-bill. Look out for Bournemouth GaSP next year, surprises are promised. “  

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