Open Audition Dates for The Pirates of Penzance 2022

Saturday 19th March & Sunday 20th March 2022

Characters, Ensemble, Dancers
(for Pirates and General Stanley’s Daughters)

We will be holding audition sessions for all auditionees.  Once you have applied, you will be given a time-slot to attend based on what part(s) you are auditioning for. 

Your audition session will be held on either Saturday 19th March between 10.00am and 8:00pm or Sunday 20th March between 12.00 noon and 8:00pm.   You will be allocated a session during these times.  Please let us know if you are unable to make either of these dates.

Download Audition Material Here

The audition will consist of singing and acting your audition material as well as a movement section. 

If you are applying as a singer and dancer your audition will also include a dance session so please bring suitable footwear.

The audition material consists of scenes and music for each part in the show.  You can memorise the songs or read from the music for your vocal audition, but we do encourage you to be try and learn all or some of it. 

Claire our Director has asked that you prepare but do not memorise your acting scenes.  You will be given the opportunity to perform your scenes with other auditionees performing the other characters in your scene.

If you are cast as a principal character you may be expected to take part as ensemble in some scenes.  You will be informed of these once we start rehearsing.

You will be auditioned by a panel, there may be occasions where we need to recall certain people.  We will contact you individually if this is the case.

Rehearsals will begin in May 2022.  Rehearsals are held on Wednesdays with Mondays used for Principals and Ensemble as called.  All rehearsals start at 7:30pm at Iford Church Hall.  A rehearsal schedule will be issued at the start of rehearsal so you know when you are called.  Please note that this could be amended on occasion.   A rehearsal is usually called on the Friday evening prior to the show, so please ensure you remain free for this.

Principals with musical numbers will be required to attend the band call on Saturday 15th October. 

All cast will need to be available for the entire week of the show.  There will be a full cast rehearsal on Monday 17th October at Iford Hall.  All cast will need to attend the technical rehearsal on Tuesday 18th October, dress rehearsal on Wednesday 19th October as well as the show dates of Thursday 20th to Saturday 22nd October.  All cast must also be available for the matinee on Saturday 22nd October.  You will not be able to take part in the show if you are not available for any of these dates.


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