2015 – Ruddigore

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Director – Claire Camble-Hutchins
Musical Director – Keziah Jacombs
Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd – James Rosser
Richard Dauntless – Andrew Helson
Sir Despard Murgatroyd – Mark Everitt
Sir Roderic Murgatroyd – Michael Griffiths
Old Adam Goodheart – Robin Lavies
Rose Maybud – Ruth Mills
Mad Margaret – Roseanna Bowen
Dame Hannah – Amanda King
Zorah – Eleanor Riley
Ruth – Amy McIntosh
Professional Bridesmaids:
Barbara Evans, Susanna Farrell, Tanya Lerchenborg,
Kimberley Rowland
Village Ladies:
Fiona Aucott, Linda Dry, Ruth Flower, Lucy Holt, Gill Linford,
Jantina Mulder, Christine Skidmore, Elizabeth Sutherland
City Gentry:
Tony Broomfield, Patrick D’Ardenne, Mike Griffiths,
Richard Kille, Ian Metcalfe, Roy Perrins, Michael Preen,
Alan Wilson, Neil Winkley
Tony Broomfield, Patrick D’Ardenne, Lucy Holt,
Richard Kille, Gill Linford, Ian Metcalfe, Jantina Mulder,
Roy Perrins, Michael Preen, Alan Wilson, Neil Winkley
Rose Maybud – Amy McIntosh

Audience reviews:

  • Thoroughly enjoyed this performance. It was the first time I had seen this company & I was really impressed with quality of the singing especially their diction. The choreography was excellent too. The sound quality, lighting & costumes were equally good. I will definitely see them again in the future
    Excellent production as was the one last year . They truly deserve the title of best G and S Society in the South
  • Excellent performance from all the players,some great local comic dialogue and of course the opening scene using back projection was stunning.
    One of the best G&S shows I have seen. Thank you.
  • Five star entertainment. Hard to believe it was first night, it was so polished. Great music of course, played and sung extremely well and lots of laughs all the way through. The story of Ruddigore is very silly and very complicated but this production made it easy to follow and brought out all the comedy. I loved every minute of it.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the show – although an amateur production it was very polished and there was an abundance of talent among the cast.
    We didn’t know what to expect from the show……we loved it, delightfully bonkers!!! My 8 year old daughter is hoping for a Ruddigore 2!!
  • A very classy production of a difficult G&S composition. All lead singers kept momentum with musical and acting talent. Dancing and choreography were a delightful bonus. Best costumes I have seen for ages.
  • At least ten stars! A really first class performance and enjoyed by everybody. Beautiful singing, beautiful voices, wonderful choreography, superb ballet solo and on-the-spot orchestra. We loved the Cornish village setting and the castle. In fact a perfect evening’s entertainment. A big thank you to every one!
  • I was going to write to you to say how much we enjoyed the show so i can express our delight in this feedback . The singing, acting and costumes were all excellent, we have seen about 5 or 6 of your shows and this was by far the best.The singing was,to us,up to classical opera standard,and that young girl who performed the ballet movements,WOW! We also thought that Ruddigore is by far the funniest of the G&S shows that we have seen,good acting of course helps.And the trio sung “I’m aware of the awful situation”without slip,so impressive.Thank you for such wonderful entertainment.

2014 – The Pirates of Penzance

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Director – Claire Camble-Hutchins
Musical Director – Keziah Jacombs
Major-General Stanley – John Gerken
The Pirate King – Ian Metcalfe
Samuel – James Rosser
Frederic – Rossano Saltfleet
Sergeant of Police – Mark Everitt
Mabel – Roseanna Bowen
Edith – Eleanor Riley
Kate – Alice Keeping
Isabel – Beverley Beck
Ruth – Cherrill Ashford
General Stanley’s Daughters and Household:
Linda Dry, Roz Golbey, Mary Hurst, Martha Jenkins, Amanda King,
Gill Linford, Amy McIntosh, Jantina Mulder, Kimberely Rowland,
Christine Skidmore, Sophie Wright.
Pirates and Policemen:
Robert Ashford, Tony Broomfield, Mike Fuller, Mike Griffiths, Aaron Hayes, Roy Perrins, Alan Wilson, Neil Winkley.

2013 – The Yeomen of the Guard

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Director – Roberta Morrell
Musical Director – Keziah Jacombs
Sir Richard Cholmondeley (Lt of the Tower) – Mike Griffiths
Colonel Fairfax (under sentence of death) – Bruce Vyner
Sergeant Meryll (of the Yeomen of the guard)  – Robin Lavies
Phoebe Meryll (his daughter) – Rosie Bowen
Jack Point (a strolling player) – Ian Metcalfe
Wilfred Shadbolt (Head Jailor) – Bernard Gardner
Elsie Maynard (a strolling player) – Cherrill Ashford
Dame Carruthers (Housekeeper) – Amanda King
Leonard Meryll (Sgt Meryll’s son) – Pete Warbis
Kate (Dame Carruthers’ niece) – Rowan Baker
First Yeoman – Alan Wilson
Second Yeoman – Neil Winkley
Citizen – Tony Broomfield
Headsman – Trevor Smith
Priest – Vicki Lavies
Chorus of Yeomen and General Citizens:
Gillian Blake, Ruth Flower, Roz Golbey, Thelma Heald, Mary Hurst, Martha Jenkins, Alice Keeping, Rachel Matthews, Jantina Mulder,
Lauren Panton, Eleanor Riley, Valerie Rossiter, Kimberley Rowland, Christine Skidmore, Sophie Wright
Robert Ashford, Tony Broomfield, Patrick D’Ardenne, Mike Fuller, Roger Jefferies, Roy Perrins, James Rosser, Hugh Rossiter
Eleanor Riley – Elsie Maynard

2012 – Iolanthe

Director – Alan Spencer
Musical Director – Jean Holt
The Lord Chancellor – John Gerken
Earl of Mountararat – Robin Lavies
Earl Tolloller – Bruce Vyner
Private Willis – Mike Griffiths
Strephon – Ian Metcalfe
Phyllis – Roseanna Bowen
Queen of the Fairies – Cherrill Ashford
Iolanthe – Cathy Murray
Celia – Alice Keeping
Leila – Rachel Deacy
Fleta – Sophie Wright
Chorus of Fairies:
Wendy Costigan, Ruth Flower, Emma Joy, Mo Lawton,
Jantina Mulder, Lauren Panton, Helen Parsons, Eleanor Riley,
Kim Rowland
Society Ladies:
Gillian Blake, Roz Golbey, Thelma Heald, Marilyn Hicks, Mary Hurst, Gill Linford
Peers of the Realm:
Robert Ashford, Tony Broomfield, Daniel Clements,
Patrick D’Ardenne, Mike Griffiths, Roger Jefferies, Richard Langley,
John Newth, Dennis Osment, Roy Perrins, Brian Tuffrey,
Alan Wilson, Neil Winkley

2011 – Patience

Director – Alan Spencer
Musical Director – Jean Holt
Colonel Calverley – Mike Griffiths
Major Murgatroyd – Robin Lavies
Lt The Duke of Dunstable – Ian Metcalfe
Reginald Bunthorne – John Gerken
Archibald Grosvenor – Pete Warbis
Patience – Rosie Bowen
The Lady Jane – Cathy Murray
The Lady Angela – Cherrill Ashford
The Lady Saphir – Sophie Wright
The Lady Ella – Fiona Aucott
Mr Bunthorne’s Solicitor – Trevor Smith
Chorus of Rapturous Maidens and Officers of Dragoon Guards:
Gillian Blake, Judy Broom, Wendy Costigan, Ruth Flower,
Roz Golbey, Thelma Heald, Mary Hurst, Linda Kirkman, Gill Linford,
Kirsty Marriott, Jantina Mulder, Val Rossiter, Kimberley Rowland, Gillian Vincent, Maisie Young
Robert Ashford, Patrick D’Ardenne, Julian Dowdney,
Roger Jefferies, John Newth, Roy Perrins, Alan Wilson, Neil Winkley
Kirsty Marriott (The Lady Saphir), Jantina Mulder (The Lady Ella),
Maisie Young (Patience)